Our 6 Favorite Halloween Books

My mother-in-law tends to buy my kids books for Halloween… I LOVE this! We have a nice little collection of Halloween books that we wouldn’t otherwise have, because I’ve never thought to buy Halloween books to be honest.

And with October being National Book Month its the perfect time to buy some Halloween books and to get reading!

Book are a perfect way to get the Halloween spirit happening in your home.

Read a book, do a craft. Have some fun. Talk about Halloween safety…

Our 6 Favorite Halloween Books

Our favorite Halloween books are:

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The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin
. I just love that he is different, and the ending is sweet too.

What child doesn’t love The Wheels on the Bus… this version is super fun.

I love this book! It is so cute. My girls have always loved the ending too. Ten Timid Ghost.

This sing along, Ten Little Pumpkins is fun and cute. Plus, if you have musical talent the sheet music is in the back.

This is a cute book about friendship, Pumpkin Soup.

It’s Halloween Night is all about the Halloween costumes and getting ready to head out.

We’re already reading our Halloween books, and getting started on Halloween crafts, like our Q-Tips Skeleton. We’re going to be making some pumpkin and monster crafts, and more this month.

What are your favorite Halloween books to read to your kids? Or have your kids read to you?

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