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Homeschooling at the Grocery Store

Isn’t it fun going to the grocery store in the middle of the day with your school-aged? The looks, the questions. My favorite is of course they ask my oldest what grade she is in. The blank look on her face, “ummm first?”.

We’re homeschooling while getting groceries each week.

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Social Studies

Homeschooling at the Grocery Store

Homeschooling at the Grocery Store

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Language Arts

Have your children make a list of things that you need to buy. I like to have them look in the cupboards/fridge and see what is missing, or low – basically anything they are eating. This is a great way to work on writing and spelling skills. Once we are at the store, pointing my children to the products we want, specifics such as Honey Mustard versus original, has my oldest reading labels. Simple language arts lessons just by buying the things you already needed.


You kids might be bagging for a box of cookies, or some other type of treat as children might do. Here is the perfect opportunity to teach them about nutrient, show them the nutrient label on the box. Maybe compare it to the label on a bag of apples. If someone in your home has an allergy, teaching your children to look at labels for ingredients while their young is important. Just make sure to double check that they haven’t missed something.


Have your kids looking at the prices of things. Did they grab the most expensive can of tomatoes, the cheapest? We like to add things up as we go along. Keep a running total, “Ok, add $5 to our current total of $35.” A great way to work on math skills. As your children get older add in doing tax.

You are able to teach your kids a great life skill while you grocery shop: budgeting and finances.

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