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Make Grocery Shopping Fun with Your Kids

We all have to grocery shop, it’s just a miserable part of being a grown up, and when you’re homeschooling its rather likely that you’ll be taking your kids with you. Do you dread it like I used to? Try to make grocery shopping fun, I know it sounds like a huge joke, but it can work. I hated dragging my kids store to store, listening to the whining, the fighting between the kids, the unheard whimpers from me as my head was pounding. I’m glad that’s behind us, or at least almost behind us.

Make Grocery Shopping Fun with Your Kids

Make Grocery Shopping Fun with Your Kids

Make Grocery Shopping Fun with Your Kids

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Wondering how I turned our weekly shopping trips around? I made them as fun as I could while still getting everything we needed, in one day, preferably in one morning.

Make them your helper.

Let them help by reading the shopping list, or if they are younger, let them hold it.

Letting them pick the things you need off the shelf. My kids LOVE putting the groceries on the checkout.

Go on a scavenger hunt.

Make finding the items on your shopping list a game! There is nothing kids like better than a game, and to help mom or dad with something that seems so grown up. Plus, it gives you an extra set (or more) of eyes looking for items you need.


Buy a game of grocery store Bingo. This is a great way to keep them entertained and looking around the store instead of fighting with sibling. This is fun way to teach/introduce food groups to your kids too.

Check out Kelli of Nest of Posies’ Grocery Store Bingo where you can get a free printable to play with your kids.

How do you handle grocery shopping with your kids?

At the end of your grocery shopping trip, you’re often frazzled and frustrated, and just want to escape it all… or is that just me?  Either way, try adding just a little fun into it and see where it gets you. If like me you’re already carrying a big ol’ purse, its not going to hurt to throw in something to make you shopping a little more bearable.

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