Gift Ideas for Aspiring Photographers

My kids have each gone through a big photography phase. Kids love to take photos so why not get them their own camera and some books and challenges to help them take some great photographs. My own aspiring photographers are each getting a new camera this Christmas.

Gift Ideas for Aspiring Photographers

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Do your kids love taking pictures with your cellphone? Mine do! Or did I guess I should say as they all have their own cameras. They each have a different one, Gauge being the youngest still has a super cheap, kids camera, but he still loves taking pictures with it.

This Christmas we’re doing new cameras for them each and some photography books to get them started. They’ll be taking pictures of everything with out books or prompts or challenges, but I thought this way we can tie it in and call it school, you know, art class.

Gift Ideas for Aspiring Photographer

Kids love taking photos, why not get them their own camera and encourage them to take great photos.

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