17 Homeschool Freedoms We Forget About

Sometimes when we think about homeschooling we forget about the freedoms that homeschooling can bring. We get caught up worrying about what our kids are learning, about how much screen time they are getting, and whether we are doing a good job or not. Let’s talk about the homeschool freedoms that we forget about in the crazy days of homeschooling.

17 Homeschool Freedoms We Forget About

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You can walk away from a textbook. There is no rule that says you have to finish a textbook or workbook, or curriculum just because you started it.

You get to put away that book that no one likes. Been there, done that. If you are struggling to read the book, your kids completely have no interest in it, that is on the curriculum list, or that is supposed to be an amazing book, put it away. Maybe you can pick it up and try it again later, but you can also just put it away forever, donate it.

Your kids get to learn at their own pace. They aren’t going to be rushed to learn the new skill to keep them at par with their peers instead they have the freedom to learn at their own pace. One child might pick up reading at an early age while another might be seven before they learn to read independently.

You get to choose the right curriculum. Not interested in having your kids learn common core math? That is fine, pick the curriculum that works for you and your child. One child might thrive using curriculum A but your other child might not. You aren’t forced to use it again.

You get to play board games and call it school. Board games are a great way to learn, they are a great way to practice skills too. Reading, math, social skills.

You can take a field trip each week. You could go for a week-long field trip. You are free to travel anytime. all the time. and what it is less crowded and less pricey. You are not tied to a traditional school calendar.

You can watch TV whenever you want. So screen time isn’t a big deal for all homeschoolers. You and your kids can watch TV whenever you want, and call it educational. There is Magic School.

You don’t have to stay home. School, learning, happens everywhere! You do not need to stay home. You don’t have to just go to the library, or museum to learn outside the home either, but even a trip to the grocery store.

You can go to the movies or museum in the middle of the day. Going anywhere during a weekday morning or early afternoon is going to be a lot less crowded. We used to spend the first day of school at our favorite science center and would have it completely to ourselves.

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Child-led learning! What is your child interested in? My kids are all about animals. We watch animal documentaries on Disney Plus all the time together.

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You are free to do things differently. You are allowed to homeschool differently than your neighbor, your mentor, your best friend, or the curriculum guide. Make it your own. Make it work for your family. Most of all, make it fun and memorable when you can.

You are free to follow the homeschooling philosophy that works for your family. We homeschool because we saw the village and did not want it to raise our kids. We want our kids to be able to think for themselves. Why are you homeschooling?

You get to set your own schedule. We do lessons four days a week, we take a day off in the middle of the week because Blake, my husband, currently has Wednesdays off. Our kids are learning when they spend time doing things around the house or yard with Dad.

17 Homeschool Freedoms We Forget About

Get outside. Oh, those nice days when the sun is shining and it’s warm outside and you just don’t want to work on math? Do you know what one of the best homeschool freedoms is? You can go outside. Go build a snowman in the freshly fallen snow. You can take a break in the middle of your lessons to go for a walk which for us can really help us keep, or regain, focus.

You can do school when it fits your schedule. Maybe you are a working mom and you have to work in the mornings. That might mean you are doing your lessons in the afternoon instead of getting them finished first thing in the morning.

Family Relationships. When you are spending all day, every day with your children you are going to have a much closer relationship. You are going to know what they are interested in reading, interested in playing with, and what they enjoy doing in their free time. My oldest at 11 years old loves her loom knitting while watching documentaries or Marvel movies.

Your kids are learning from real life! The best homeschool freedom that I think we all forget from time to time is that our kids are learning from real life, and becoming great little people.

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