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How to Make Homeschooling Exciting

The best part of homeschooling is that it is more relaxed, you can learn in ways that work for your child, not for a classroom. You can do a craft every day if you want. It doesn’t have to take a lot of extra work or time to make homeschooling exciting. You also can make it more exciting for yourself as well as your kids, find ways to keep learning yourself.

How to Make Homeschooling Exciting

Making Homeschool Exciting

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Topics of Interest

Unit studies are a great way to incorporate what interests your child. This year we are going to be doing unit studies for our history learning about different time periods that my kids are interested in.

Slow Down

You do not have to do every subject every day. Create a schedule that works for you, your child, and your family in general. Some kids want to do everything, all in one day because they are enjoying the topics that they are learning about, but on the other hand, maybe you want to spread out the subjects so you can really dive into a topic. This is where unit studies come in handy too.

How to Make Homeschooling Exciting

Get Out of the House

You are not limited to staying home just because you homeschool. In fact, you need to plan to get out of the house.

Field trips. Yes, things are different right but you can go on virtual field trips to at least give you the illusion of getting out of the house on a field trip.

Go to the library. This is where we go when we start feeling like the walls are closing in.

Read Alouds

I am not a fan of sitting and reading a book, a novel, to my kids. Just not my cup of tea, but, I do like getting audiobooks. These are great for in the house or on the go. We can all listen, I don’t want to bury the book in the backyard instead of reading it, win-win.

My oldest also likes to listen to audiobooks on her own while she draws or colors or builds with Lego.

Science Experiments & Hands on Learning

Try something new once a week. It doesn’t have to be a science experiment once a week, but try your hand at something. One fun, hands-on learning activity we have done as part of a history lesson, was creating Hieroglyphs.

Make Homeschooling Exciting - hieroglyphs-creating

Play Games

There are so. many. board games out there that you can use in your homeschool, and your kids are going to be learning while they play. Make learning fun, and your kids are going to be learning forever. Make homeschooling exciting by bringing out the board games once in a while.

There are also games on Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers that other homeschoolers and teachers have created for learning.

How to Make Homeschooling Exciting - Board Games for Homeschool

Baking & Cooking

I love seeing my oldest cooking and baking on her own. Do you know how much learning is happening when you cook and bake? You are following a recipe, you are learning from any mistakes that make occur, and how to overcome those mistakes.

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