Budget Friendly: Spending Time with Your Spouse

We are coming up on our tenth wedding anniversary and we’d really like to do something. This year has been crazy for a lot of people. For us we are spending a lot more time apart than we have in recent years so it would be nice to do something together. Sticking to budget friendly ideas of course. I think spending time with your spouse is important.

Spending Time with Your Spouse

Spending Time with Your Spouse

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There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend some time away from your kids Momma. Yes they grow fast and you don’t want to miss a thing, but you need to step away sometimes and have some quiet, grown up time.

I am not good at spending time away from my kids, alone. I don’t know what to do with myself. But I love to spend a couple hours with my husband as we can recharge.

Some great ideas that are budget friendly for spending time with your spouse ideas include:

Go Out to Dinner

You do not have to pick the fanciest restaurant, I’m happy with a mom and pop shop, or fast food. Kid free time and conversation is all I’m after.

A Walk or Hike

This could be a walk on the beach, or a wilderness hike. They’re both perfect ways to spend quality time together. Maybe take a picnic with you.

Go Wine Tasting

If you’re going to spend the day outside of the city, go to your local vineyard and join a wine tasting tour. Nova Scotia has a lot of vineyards now, and I would love to go a on a wine tour someday.

Spending Time with Your Spouse - pouring wine

Attend an open house.

Pretend you’re looking for a new place with your partner.  It can be a whole lot of fun checking out houses for sale together especially. Who knows, maybe you are looking for that perfect place, it’s easier to do without kids, I this I know.

Go to the Movies

There are drive in movies happening everywhere right now. This is a great way to spend an evening and relax.

Create your own drive in movie. Set up a comfy spot in the yard and project a movie onto the side of your house, or use an outdoor projector screen.

Spending Time with Your Spouse drive in movie

Spending Time with Your Spouse Around A BBQ

Have a BBQ and roast marshmallows around the campfire. This is perfect for chilly nights! I love sitting around a campfire, there is just something relaxing about it. Plus, I love s’mores!

Get Away for the Night

Find a place, off season maybe, that is within your budget. Take even just one night away, just the two of you. Recharge. Find a spot that is relaxing for you – for me that’s water, for Blake that’s trees, for both of us it means privacy, quiet.

How do you make sure to spend time together with your spouse while keeping it budget friendly? This isn’t something we have had the opportunity to do often, but we run when we’re given the chance. And I mean, RUN.

I am someone who struggles to spend money on myself, I spend on my kids, I buy for my husband when he needs or wants something useful. But spending money on going myself, or to spend time together alone is harder for me. Keeping it budget friendly makes me feel better about it.

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