Make Family Movie Night Fun

One of our favorite ways to spend some time together is a family movie night. We try to do them as often as possible working around work and school schedules, we don’t want anyone dragging the next day.

Make Family Movie Night Fun

Make Family Movie Night Fun

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We have been doing family movie nights for quite a few years, since our kids, our girls in particular, have been able to sit through a movie. We have watched a few different things, from newer kids movies, to classics, and those that Blake and I watched as kids and couldn’t wait to share them with our kids, to new movies that maybe not every parent has let their kids watch.

Picking Movies for Family Movie Night

Picking movies to watch with your kids is about knowing your kids. we have enjoyed watching the Marvel and DC Superhero movies, with a few exceptions, Deadpool for example.

We watch our classic Christmas movies every December, like A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Some of the movies that we have loved have been:

We really like watching movies that are parts of series or at least have a sequel. It gives us something else to watch if we know we like the first, and a longer story to follow.

Make it Larger

We bought a projector and screen for watching them too. Talk about game changer on our movie nights. There is just something about watching a movie on a larger screen.

Add Snacks

Snacks always make it a night more fun, and a movie night without snacks would be very boring. We bought a Matinee Movie Theater style popcorn maker to add a little more something and fun to our family movie nights. We also only use white kernel popcorn because, for some reason or other, the kernels don’t stick in your teeth as much making it much more enjoyable.

Pick up some popcorn buckets to add the feel of a theatre popcorn. These ones are reusable but don’t put them in the dishwasher, one of ours is completely faded but that’s our own fault.

Get Comfy

Get some fluffy pillows, some big soft blankets and get comfortable. No one will be squirmy and wormy around and distracted from the movie when they are comfy. Though you might have someone fall asleep. It took our Gauge a long time before he stopped falling asleep in the middle of a movie.

Invite Some Friends

Add a little more fun by inviting friends to your movie night. Your kids can invite a friend over, or maybe some cousins, or grandparents. It’s always more fun when you add friends.

Charlotte’s Web – there are now two great movies now!

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