How To Homeschool – How We Homeschool

Everyone is curious as to what homeschooling looks like for “seasoned” homeschoolers. What homeschool looks like for homeschoolers who were homeschooling before crisis-schooling. There is not a right way to homeschool. Please make sure you are homeschooling legally, and enjoying being with your kids.

How to Homeschool - How We Homeschool

How To Homeschool – How We Homeschool

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We are relaxed homeschoolers. I am not pushing a schedule on myself or my kids for the most part. We all know what needs to be done each day and we get to work.

Homeschooling has become a way of life here. We try to stick to a traditional school year, but we don’t stop learning through the summer or Christmas vacation. We’re just not doing book work during this time.

How to Homeschool with No Wake Up Calls

We do not start our day with wake up calls. Well, I do, I get up earlier than my kids. But my kids get to sleep as late as they like. They are growing like weeds, and they need their sleep. we are not keeping with a public school schedule where they need to catch the bus at 7:30am to be there for 9am.

Instead my kids get to sleep until 8:30 or 9, which is when they typically get up. They have breakfast, get dressed and all that stuff before starting school. And we’re not rushing through breakfast.

Slow Start to Lessons

We rarely start lessons all at the same time. I have a kid that is up earlier than her siblings. She is finished her math lesson for the day by the time her older sister gets up most days. And she loves it. She’ll get her independent lessons finished for the day, and join us for group lessons like history or science.

CTCMath - child using computer

How to Homeschool with Independent Lessons

This one trips people up. How to do multiple grades for your kids? We use Teaching Textbooks for my older girls, and Gauge, grade 2, will be using CTCMath this year, so that is all independent from each other, and they are all able to do the work on their own.

Language Arts is independent too from siblings, we’re using Grammar Galaxy again. Austin, grade 6 can do this completely on her own. Brookland, grade 4, needs a little help here and there, and Gauge requires my full help. It is easy to juggle that help when they are working on their own, independent studies too.

For Example:

  • While Brookland is working on Math, I am helping Gauge with Language Arts.
  • While Gauge is working on Math, I am available to help Brookland with her language arts.

We do still do Science, Social Studies, History, etc together. This year we are doing unit studies to fit what they are interested in. They will all complete work to their grade level not to the highest or lowest grade.

Wizard's & Wands Curriculum - harry potter book

Time Frame

We are usually finished by lunch time. We might choose to do a science experiment or field trip in the afternoon. We might go to the beach, or the play ground before school is out for the day. Or to the library to grab more and more books.

We do not cover every subject a day. In fact, the only things we do everyday are math and language arts. We are reading everyday, both for language arts and for pleasure, because we are very big readers here.

There is a day of the week where we cover a different subject. We don’t want to burn out on school so that it becomes something we hate.

  • Monday might be science.
  • Tuesday, History.
  • Thursday might be foreign language.
How We Homeschool - life skills

Life Skills

You will be amazed at the skills your kids pick up because they are at home and am to take a more relaxed approach to learning and doing things they enjoy. My 11 year old LOVES Lego. Putting together a dog kennel, which became our turkey run, was a breeze for her. She is used to following Lego instructions so this was just a larger set to put together.

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