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How to Start Homeschooling Mid-Year

Maybe you are thinking about pulling your kids go out of public school and turning to homeschooling mid-year, and you are panicking. I don’t want you to panic. I know you will, but I want to help you find your way.

How to Start Homeschooling Mid-Year - boy doing school work

How to Start Homeschooling Mid-Year

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I thought about pulling my oldest out of kindergarten her only time in public school, but I took that time to figure out what our next step was going to be. I want you to be prepared now, in case you decide to pull them out mid-year.

There are so many great books that you can read to give you the courage to do this. You can find some of my favorites here.

How to Pull Your Child Out

Please make sure you know the legal rules for pulling your child or children from the public school system. In Saskatchewan, you have to give 30 days written notice, I know there are exceptions, but I do not know exactly what they are.

Also, make sure you know what you need to do. Do you need to register and submit educational plans?

Deschool When You Start Homeschooling Mid-Year

Take the time to adjust to being home. Adjust to being free from a schedule that dictates when your child has to wake up, to the bathroom, when to eat meals. The deschool time frame is often recommended to be 1 month of deschooling for each year of public school.

The idea behind deschooling is to allow your child the time to discover their own interests and how to learn on their own. It is to give them time to process not going back to school and to accept homeschooling, and hopefully become excited about it.

Deschooling can give your child time to destress.

Throw Out School

Throw out the idea of what school looks like. Throw out the idea what a strict schedule.

Instead, relax. Buy a lap desk and do some school on the couch. Do school out in the yard. Do school on the road to the library or to visit family.

Homeschooling does not look like school. There is no set time for lessons to happen or to be finished by.

How to Start Homeschooling Mid-Year - boy reading a book

Curriculum for Homeschooling Mid-Year

You don’t need to rush out and buy the shine new curriculum because your cousin uses it. Talk to other people you know who homeschool. Join some Facebook groups and ask questions and listen to what others have to say.

I have Homeschool Curriculum 101 Facebook group just for these conversations. No one is selling curriculum in this group, no one is promoting their products (not even me!). It is for curriculum talk only. I try to find information and recommendations for you and share them there.

Secondhand curriculum and books from the library are the best learning materials for when you are just getting started. Facebook groups that are local to you, are great places to find some.

Have Lots of Snacks Available

I have seen the memes about second breakfasts. It is 100% true. These kids are always eating. I think it is part lack of strict “feeding” times, and partly because they are always so active here at home. They aren’t stuck sitting in one place all day.

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