Kitchen Math Books for Your Homeschool

Not everyone likes math, I do no like math which is probably why I have handed off the teaching my children math. We don’t use math books right now, instead using online options, but there are some great kitchen math books. Getting your kids interested in math and getting them interested in cooking and baking is as simple as finding the right kitchen math books.

Kitchen Math Books

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I have been getting in the kitchen with my kids since they were little, like tiny little babies. They have been playing with measuring cups and spoons since they we little. Introducing fractions to them without them, or even myself being aware. I had no idea I as going to be homeschooling back then.

Homeschool Math in the Kitchen

Have you thought about the skills that your kids are learning while cooking? The measuring. The reading. The cooking.

I’ve covered how math is happening in your kitchen all the time. But how can you make sure that you are covering what you need to cover? There are some great books to add to your homeschool library.

I am a big fan of letting my kids learn from life. We have a few really great cooking books for kids, that have helped along the way, but we often just go with our tried and true recipes. I have a shelf in my Amazon store dictated just to cooking with your kids. From books, to child sized tools.

There are actual kitchen math books, who knew? These are a great resource for finding your path. To get your footing, set you on the right path for your lessons.

These books can be used in your homeschool instead of using a formal math curriculum. Great for unschoolers or relaxed homeschoolers. While we use a math curriculum/program, we also use real life math, cooking and grocery shopping.

Kitchen Math Books

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