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Secular Math Curriculum Homeschool

Math curriculum should be all be secular right? What about math requires a religious view point? That’s what I thought at least, but there are curriculum out there that do have religious material included. You aren’t going to find those list below. Instead you are going to find secular math curriculum that anyone can use.

Secular Math Curriculum

Secular Math Curriculum

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How do you choose a math curriculum that is going to work for your family? Here are some things to look for:

  • secular / religious view
  • digital or print
  • independent learning or guided learning
  • common core or non-common core
  • availability – these are available in Canada

A secular curriculum only discusses religious beliefs from an anthropological perspective. It is not faith-neutral (this becomes important, especially when discussing science and history curricula). It does not posit biblical/religious beliefs as historical facts.

secular math homeschool curriculum

Math for Homeschool

Teaching Textbooks
Complete online math courses for roughly grades 3 and up. The placement test is given to set the initial level. You can read our review here, we have been loving TT for two years so far.

Right Start Math
Elementary and middle school math program that focuses on kinesthetic and visual learning with manipulatives including the AL Abacus. You can read our reviews:

AoPS Academy (Art of Problem Solving)
Middle and high school math offers text and online courses.

Beast Academy
Comic book based math instruction for kids 8-13. Book and online interactive programs available.

CTC Math
Online math program for K-12. This is great for kids that need to learn at their own pace. We have used this and liked it.

Math Mammoth
Complete math curriculum for grades 1-7.

Miquon Math Lab Materials
Hands on curriculum for grades 1-3.

Saxon Math
Integrated approach to math that includes step-by-step instruction, lessons, and practice for grades kindergarten through advanced high school.

Singapore Math
Curriculum for pre-k through 8th grade based on the Singapore method.

What I look for in Math Curriculum

For me, math is one of those subjects where I’m not really looking for fun learning, but for them to get the best non-common core education that I can get them. I also look for independent lessons.

We are using Teaching Textbooks for grades four and six, this is our third year using this program, and I don’t see us switching away from it anytime soon as we love it.

For grade two we are using CTCMath. I love it for this grade. I wish I had known about it before now. Gauge, almost seven, loves using it, and has become completely independent in his math lessons…. unless he needs help.

CTCMath Homeschool Math Curriculum

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