Gifts for Aspiring YouTubers

So many kids are aspiring YouTubers now after watching their favorite channels. They want to do that too. My own kids want to start a YouTube channel, they just have no idea what their channel(s) would be about.

Gifts for Aspiring YouTubers

Gifts for Aspiring YouTubers

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I love to support my kids in whatever they are interested in but I am not ready to spend boatloads of money on a current hobby or passion without thought. They have a lot of passions and hobbies.

I have found three different products for each category of things you or your child might need to be successful. None of which are over the price of $50.

Digital Camera for Vlogging

If you are going to be a vlogger on YouTube or any other platform you need to have a way to record yourself.


This might not be necessary but how much fun could a budding YouTuber have with a greenscreen?

Lighting for Aspiring YouTubers

I would like to have some of these ones myself, maybe not the rainbow light ring stand that I know my girls would love to have for creating YouTube videos… probably on applying makeup.

Gifts for Aspiring YouTubers


Your child has the camera, they have some fun ring lighting, but are you the one holding the camera. Maybe buying a tripod would be a good investment for you and your child.


I do not need my children to be any louder, but some cameras just doesn’t have the great microphones built-in and these can be helpful to have.

More Great Items for Aspiring YouTubers

The DIY Studio Creator listed below might be the best option for those really new to YouTube or creating any video content.

Truth be told, these would be great for anyone that has an interest in vlogging. An interest that I sometimes entertain but never actually do anything about.

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