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9 Practical Gifts for Your Sister

I love shopping for others, when I have the money of course. But one problem I often run into is, what do you buy for someone that already has everything? A practical, but still fun, and great gift from you. Because it’s the though that counts right? Here are nine practical-ish gifts for you sister.

Gifts for Your Sister

9+ Gifts for Your Sister

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Practical Hydrating – Not Alcohol Related

Your sister will remember you every time she sips her coffee or tea from this cool and funny mug. Because we all love unicorns, at least I do anyway.

You can never go wrong with a travel mug for your sister whether she is on the go a lot or at home with her kids. This travel mug will keep her coffee hot, and travel mugs help keep things out of your coffee, and help keep it from spilling when it get knocked over. Not that we have had things dropped in our coffee.

I love infused water. I like water and drink a lot of it, but there is something about fruit infused water that makes me drink more and stay hydrated rather than re-hydrating.

Unpractical Hydrating – Because We Can – In Moderation

Do I drink wine everyday? No, I do not. Am I judging someone that does drink wine everyday? No, I am not. I do like to have a glass of wine a few nights a week, usually when I am making supper.

I think these wine stoppers are fun! One for each day of the week. Might be a fun way to keep track of when you opened the bottle if you are anything like me and have no idea.

Buy your sister a box of goodies to go along with her wine for her birthday. This box has everything you need, socks, wine stopper, a fun class to drink out of, and more.

I think this tote is fun, and I honestly don’t know that I would use it because I don’t go anywhere and when I do go somewhere, I have kids. BUT I wish I could use it.

Practical Gifts for Your Sister

Maybe your sister has a lot of pets like we do here. Those duster slipper shoe covers would be amazing! Slip them over her house shoes, or hard soled slippers and pick up pet hair as she goes through her house.

Who else forgets their shopping bags in the vehicle? Or at home? These reusable shopping bags fold up into their own little bag and can be thrown into a purse so no one forgets them again. And these ones have fun animal prints on them.

I think this diffuser bracelet is really nice. I love my oil diffuser necklace, I’m actually wearing it as I type this. I love it during allergy and cold season to help keep my sinuses cleared. It is great for when I need some calm lavender around me. Plus this bracelet can be worn with almost anything.

BONUS! Coloring Book

I love to color, it relaxes me. I also have a potty mouth, and I know my sister does as well. Opps! This coloring book is for your potty mouthed sister.

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