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Secular History Curriculum

Secular homeschool curriculum is hard to find, I know this because I am looking for it too. I am looking for a Canadian secular curriculum that is even rarer. But it is out there, you just have to look, or scroll farther down this page for the secular history curriculum.


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For me, history is secular as long as you are not reading the bible. Yes, there are texts that are from the creationist viewpoint but we aren’t going with those texts.

A secular curriculum only discusses religious beliefs from an anthropological perspective. It is not faith-neutral (this becomes important, especially when discussing science and history curricula). It does not posit biblical/religious beliefs as historical facts.

Homeschool Secular History Curriculum

Canadian History Curriculum

The Canadian Homeschooler
Hands-On History. Timeline of Canada. Canadian Adventure – interactive, virtual trip across Canada. And more!

Northwoods Press – Donna Ward
Donna desires to bring you living history through exciting and authentic resources with a commitment to quality and excellence.

History Books for Canadians:
Black History Month Books
Books About Canada


American History Curriculum

Build Your Library – Levels 5-6, 12
This is a literature-based curriculum that integrates history with other subjects. It has all grade levels available.

US History with Blossom & Root – Younger Elementary

Everything you Need to Ace American History

World History Curriculum

Build Your Library – Levels 0-4, 7-11
This is a literature-based curriculum that integrates history with other subjects. It has all grade levels available.

Curiosity Chronicles
All the history!

History Quest: Early Times is a read-aloud history book for children. Its companion Study Guide (sold separately), when paired with the book, creates a full history curriculum.

Use the Usborne World History Encyclopedia. History Quest: Early Times Study Guide has all-new activity ideas, new literature readings, and new writing/comprehension exercises.

Everything You Need to Ace World History

Secular homeschool Curriculum List

I think there is a lot you can learn about history, whether you want the world, American, or Canadian history just by heading to your library and getting books.

You don’t necessarily need to find a curriculum to teach history or social studies in your homeschool. I have found this is what works best for us, and then each of my children can learn about what is of interest to them.

For example, I asked my kids what they were interested in learning in history this year and I got: Dinosaurs, Early Humans, and Ancient Times. So we’re learning about early world history.

More Secular Curriculum

List of Secular Curriculum

Secular Language Arts Curriculum

Secular Reading Curriculum