Secular Reading Curriculum

We do not use a separate secular reading curriculum from our secular language arts curriculum. Our language arts curriculum have always been great literature curricula.

Secular Reading Curriculum (2)

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What is Secular Curriculum?

A secular curriculum only discusses religious beliefs from an anthropological perspective. It is not faith-neutral (this becomes important, especially when discussing science and history curricula). It does not posit biblical/religious beliefs as historical facts.

What is Secular Reading Curriculum?

It is a reading curriculum that does not mention religious beliefs.

My children are avid readers, I once came across a book I thought my oldest would enjoy, only to learn, from her, that it had a big Christian spin to it. This is not a secular book.

If you find you are unable to find a curriculum that isn’t meeting your needs, think about what it is you are looking for. Are you looking for great books about history that you can learn from? Can you find the book you want and then create lesson plans around it? Homeschool moms are resourceful, think outside the box Momma and make it happen for your family.

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Secular Reading Curriculum for You

Barton Reading and Spelling System
A great tutoring system for children, teenagers, or adults who struggle with spelling, reading, and writing due to dyslexia or a learning disabilities.

Explode the Code
Phonics workbooks for direct phonics instruction.

Hooked on Phonics
Learn to Read is an award-winning program that has helped over 5 million kids become confident readers.

Progressive Phonics
Free reading program for primary grades.

Reading Curriculum & Language Arts

Most language arts curriculum include a reading component to it. There are some really great literature based curriculum too, such as Build Your Library.

Grammar Galaxy - Secular Language Arts Curriculum

Secular Language Arts Curriculum

All About Learning Press
Offers courses in reading and spelling for preschool through grade 7.

Blossom and Root
Currently K-3 with 4th grade coming in 2020. A secular, nature based program that includes language arts, nature study, and art.

Essentials in Writing
Writing, literature, and online classes for ages 6 through high school. Shopping for Canadian homeschoolers.

Grammar Galaxy
A workbook based program where students solve problems through space “missions.” Note: you will see a dedication to God in these books, but the rest of the material and educational content is secular. You can read a review of this curriculum here.

JacKris Publishing
Soaring with Spelling, Winning with Writing, Growing with Grammar, and Digging into Diagramming. Grammar, spelling, and writing curriculum for grades 1-8. For Canadian homeschoolers.

Logic of English
Offers reading, phonics, spelling, and handwriting instruction for ages 4-7 with a second package for struggling readers ages 8 and up.

WriteShop Primary and Junior
Kindergarten through 6th grade writing curriculum. *Note: Per the website “WriteShop Primary and WriteShop Junior are free of religious references. WriteShop I and II contain occasional religious references.”

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