Gifts for Forgetful People

I am Forgetful Momma. It doesn’t mean I forget everything. But I have had three kids, and mommy brain is real over here. I forget my coffee cup in random places, not excluding the microwave. Did you know there are awesome gadgets for forgetful people? They make amazing gifts for forgetful people too!

Gifts for Forgetful People

Gifts for Forgetful People

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What would be the one gift for a forgetful person in your life that you would have to get them? Blake is so forgetful, I’m sure he probably forgets his own name throughout the day.

There are some really great thoughtful, gifts for forgetful people. I really like the idea of some of these.

Time Will Tell Sticky Notes

This is not your ordinary checklist! This memo bracelet literally puts your memos in your own hands! Write out your tasks, chores, reminders, and any other important lists you need to remember.

Key Finder

I could have used this five or six years ago when I had my three baby. I cannot tell you how many times I locked myself out of the the house or locked my keys in my vehicle.

Mental Note Sticky Notes

Because everything that actually matters can fit onto a sticky note. These ones remind you, or the forgetful person you buy them for.

Do Not Forget Door Knob Organizer

True story here: Once my husband had to return a pair of pants, he hung them on front door so he couldn’t forget them. WRONG! He walked right out the door without taking the pants with him.

Never forget your keys or phone again! You’re sure not to forget anything with this bright red door knob organizer that actually says “DO NOT FORGET!” on it.

What the Fuck is My Password?

A simple no frills journal to keep track of important information for online accounts and websites. I NEED this.

Tile Sticker

Ring your things:Use your smartphone to make your tile ring when you misplace your things within 150 feet. Things like:

  • keys
  • wallet
  • remote… I blame this one on the kids

Gift Ideas for Forgetful Gift Givers!

Sometimes, you are the forgetful person, you forget that a birthday or Mother’s day is right around the corner. This was very common for us when we lived away. Amazon Prime was a life saver!

Gift cards are great! I love when someone gives me a gift card to my favorite store, Michael’s or Amazon. Then I can buy exactly what I want that I probably wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

These are also something you can buy ahead of time and have on hand for those times when you have really forgotten and don’t even have time to run out and get a gift card.

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