Gift Ideas for Aspiring Writers

I used to love writing stories as a child, and my kids all seem to enjoy story telling through their writing as well. There are some really great products out there that would make amazing gifts for aspiring writers.

Gift Ideas for Aspiring Writers

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We have been mainly been focusing on math in our homeschool, but we have also been using Thinking Tree books, the books we currently have focus on learning French, and creative writing. I have loved reading the stories they have written.

These are gifts for your kids of any age that are going to inspire them to continue writing their stories and grow their writing skills.

Aspiring Writers

What kind of stories are your budding writers interested in writing? We have currently been writing short stories about animals. I am amazed at their imagination each time they write and the small details they think to include.

A program that you and your child may be interested in looking at at is WriteAtHome. We just finished one of their courses and my 11 year old daughter loved it, and I really loved what she got out of it.

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