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10+ Ways to Save Money for Christmas Shopping

Are you planning for the holidays yet? I really don’t think that there is such thing are planning ahead too early, it can not only keep you from feeling like you need to rush, but can also help you save money for your Christmas shopping, and from spending too much.

10+ Ways to Save Money for Christmas Shopping

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10+ Ways to Save Money for Christmas Shopping

My go-to is the clearance section of stores like Walmart. Barbies and Lego end up there for amazing prices, and I know my kids will love them no matter what time of year I buy them.

Cut Services you Don’t Need

It might seem a bit extreme to cut services, and if it is a service that you genuinely use, then DON’T cut it. Think about different areas of your life that you can cut back – like cutting back on Starbucks coffee.

Cut the cable bill. How much do you really watch TV? Would you be better off with just Netflix?

Cut the phone bill. Do you still have a home phone? It might be time to stop and think about whether or not it is still being used, and what add ons you have added to your plan.

Cut the cell phone bill. I have the bare basics on my own cell phone plan. My husband has more on his and when we need or want to cut down on the budget, then his plan gets cut back.

10+ Ways to Save Money for Christmas Shopping-sm

Clean Out Things

Turn lights and appliances off when not in use. I know this is harder than it seems like it should be. But kids are great at leaving lights on everywhere they go aren’t they?

Turn the heat down a degree or two. Instead of running the heat at a higher temperature, grab a sweater or a pair of socks to wear. It might help your heating costs to also get your furnance and duct work cleaned as well, it’ll help it run better and more efficiently.

Sell items that are no longer used. This is a gret way to make a little extra for your Christmas budget and to make room for the incoming Christmas gifts.

Walk instead of driving if local. I miss living in town and being able to walk to the library or the store for just a few items. If you live rurally like I do, limit your trips into town or the city. Try to do everything you need to in one trip.

Reduce waste. This is a bit harder, but. Taking your travel mug into your favrite coffee place can not only save waste, but also save you on your coffee as many places offer discounts when using your own mug.

Meal plan. Planning out what your meals will be can stop you from eating out or picking up something more expensive for a last-minute meal.

Maybe instead of eating out a couple of nights a week, you have a healthier family meal at home. For our family of it can cost an easy $50 to eat out, and I know I can make a lot of meals for $50.

Borrow or rent instead of buying. Example: video games – we borrow them from the library. You also could wait an extra month or so for the movie to come to Diseny+ or whatever streaming service you use instead of “renting” it online for a crazy high price or going to the threature.

10+ Ways to Save Money for Christmas Shopping

Make coffee at home. Make and take your own coffee instead of hitting up Starbucks. It might help you slow your morning down a little at home too, you won’t be rushing to get there in the morning, or before yur kids extra-curriculur activities.

Don’t buy that book! If you are a big reader, check out your local library or Amazon’s ebook service, Kindle Unlimited, where you can choose from over 180,000 titles.

Take a look at your budget and see where you can save money for your Christmas shopping this holiday season.

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