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Gifts for Aspiring Comic Book Artists

My kids love love comic books and graphic novels. Last year during the November write a Novel Month, they worked on creating their own comic books and had so much fun doing it. A comic book is a very different medium of writing, and a lot more fun from a child’s perspective too. Here are some gift ideas for aspiring comic books artists.

Gift Ideas for Aspiring Comic Book Artists

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What is your child interested in right now? If you were to guess their future profession who you think they might be comic book artist?

Comic Book Pages

This comic book sheets set includes 22 pages for creative fun. Use them for art or for language arts as we did. Or use the in a completely different way and comment below to let me know how you used them.

The set of comic book pages available in my shop can be printed off time and time again for you to use with your kids. This lets your kids practice, create and recreate their works of art.

Here are some really great gift ideas for aspiring comic book artists. From the how to draw for a comic book, to the tools one might need, and more. While looking at these I am strike with a want to learn how to be a comic book artist.

Gifts for Aspiring Comic Book Artists

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