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Taking A Homeschool Break and Getting Started Again

You have your lessons all mapped out, you have everything you need in place for the week or the month, or maybe even the year. But then you start feeling antsy. You, the parent, just don’t want to do school in the morning. You might even find you are starting the day later and later. It might be time to take a homeschool break.

How to Know If You Need A Homeschool Break

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One of the great homeschool freedoms is that you get to decide when you are going to do homeschool lessons. Your schedule gets to be as flexible as you need. Taking a homeschool break is one of the best things you can do to be the best homeschool mom you can possibly be.

How to Know If You Need A Homeschool Break

Just because public schools aren’t on a break does not mean you can’t take one. In fact, I recommend you take one while public schools are still in session. Places are less crowded.

Are you or your kids overwhelmed?

Are you feeling stuck? Has cabin fever hit?

Do you feel like your relationship with your child is becoming strained?

These are just some reasons to take a break. The mental health of you and your children is more important than making sure that you are doing a math lesson every day. Math can be made up later on, but your mental health cannot wait.

There are more reasons to take a break from homeschooling than just mental health. There is no reason you have to homeschool through a family crisis, though it might be want helps to keep you grounded.

You might also be presented with a unique opportunity. Maybe there is an exhibit in town for the a few days, go see it. It is a unique learning opportunity that is only going to add to your child’s education in the long run. Maybe it doesn’t fit with the plans or area of study that you are currently covering but you can bring up the trip when you feel in fits later on.

Take a Homeschool Break

Coming Back After A Break

It happens to us all. We take a break and then we get caught up and never get back on track. We have all been there. The best way to move on from a break, is to take breaks into account when you are planning.

Don’t use a dated planner. Don’t have a due date for when to cover topics. Give yourself some flex room. I know that three weeks out of the year, outside of holidays, we are going to take a week off. I plan for that, so instead of 36 weeks of lessons, I plan for 33 weeks.

Pick a day that you are going to restart lessons if you have taken more than a day off. Have a start date set.

Often the biggest hurdle is getting started. Once started, the rest of the homeschool will fall into place. Start with a subject that everyone enjoys doing, like creative writing or art, and go from there.

Remember, homeschooling requires flexibility and effort. The flexibility to take advantage of the unique opportunities coming your way and enjoy a homeschool break. And the discipline to return to the normal homeschool routine afterward. You can do this.

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