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Place Values – Base Ten Block Activity Puzzles

We are currently working on place values, and we are using base ten blocks as a visual. Every time I think he has it understood, his math curriculum takes him on to something different, and he comes back to place value, he needs a little refresher. This is why I made these base ten block activity cards for him.

Base Ten Block Activity Puzzles - Learning Place Value

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Base Ten Blocks – Learning Place Value

I think that hands-on learning is the best way to teach your kids. Letting them manipulate pieces, make mistakes, and have fun. There is less pressure when they feel like they are playing, instead of sitting down to worksheet.

We like to include fun when we’re learning, so I made this activity for place value. I also made a donut place value activity that you might also want to check out. It lets your child build out the numbers with base ten blocks. It’s great for leading up to these place value puzzles.

You kids are going to learn how to break numbers down numbers into manageable parts.

These puzzles are great for working on learning how to expand numbers. Each puzzle is four pieces:

  • base ten block
  • written out
  • math equation
  • plus the number


Anything paper that I print for my kids to manipulate I print on cardstock and/or laminate. This makes things more durable. Kids can be rough on things without even trying. This makes them last longer, especially when I hope to use them over and over again for all my kids.

I actually found cardstock, good thick, perfect for manipulatives cardstock at my local Dollarama. Big win for this budgeting homeschool mom.

Don’t forget to check out this one too:

Hands-on learning building out the numbers using place value blocks the sprinkles to go on your donuts! Fun learning at its best right here.

Thanks for reading!

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