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Homeschooling and School at Home

There is a difference. There are several difference between homeschooling and school at home. Everyone is currently learning how we can educate our children with the pandemic happening, everyone is doing their best which is what is important for our kids.

Homeschool and School at Home

Homeschooling and School at Home

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I really don’t like seeing the comments on Facebook: “Day 10 of homeschooling”, or whatever day if may be. Why? because you aren’t really homeschooling, you are doing school at home, or you are helping your child’s teacher teach them through distance learning.

Homeschoolers don’t necessarily consider distance learning homeschooling either, even when they had been homeschooling in the past. Mainly due to your child having an online teacher, you are the parent helping to make sure that your child’s emotional wellbeing is being taken care of while they partake in their lessons.

What is school at home?

School at home is replicate school at home. This is a formal, sit down at your desk or dining room table and get your school work done. Though it does seem like it sitting in front of a computer watching their teacher on Zoom with technology now.

While completing school at home you are going to be working with someone else’s schedule, most likely your child’s teacher or teachers.

Homeschool and School at Home

What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is the parents educating their child at home. Parents choose the curriculum that they are using to teach their children. Homeschooling is learning outside of the public or private school environment. Essentially, homeschooling involves a commitment by a parent or guardian to oversee their child or teen’s educational development.

As the person in charge of your child’s education, you are in charge of scheduling everything, for each day.

Homeschooling During a Pandemic

No one is doing the traditional homeschool thing right now. I’m not. It is not typical for us to not go to places like museums, or science centers. We are used to spending hours at the library reading, studying a new topic, and just enjoying ourselves.

Homeschooling isn’t staying home in lockdown or quarantine, it’s going places, seeing friends, and joining a coop.

We are all surviving right now. Homeschooling, pandemic schooling, virtual school, whatever might be the case for your family.

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