15 Non-Toy Christmas Presents Ideas

My kids don’t necessarily need new toys. Sure there are some great new toys out there that I’d love to get them, or love for them to have, but they don’t need anything. Is it the same way with your kids? Christmas presents don’t have to be toys, no matter how great they are.

Don’t forget to set a budget for your Christmas shopping this year!

15 Non-Toy Christmas Presents Ideas
15 Non-Toy Christmas Presents Ideas

15 Non-Toy Christmas Presents Ideas

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Alternatives to buying toys for your children, or family members’ children:

  1. Magazine subscriptions – We love National Geographic Kids, and Owl magazine
  2. Monthly Box Subscriptions
  3. Classes – my girls love Gymnastic so much
  4. Passes or memberships to a museum or zoo or aquarium
  5. An instrument – while just as expensive, and gift that can keeps on giving (and not just giving you a headache!)
  6. Books – maybe a personalized one like ISeeMe offers, they are beautiful books
  7. Audio-books – we recently listened at the first 3 Harry Potter audio-books while traveling to and from activities, it has opened up a love for audio-books
  8. One-on-one outings – plan out special moments for you/your partner to spend some one-on-one time with each child
  9. A vacation
  10. Their own tools for helping mom or dad – children’s tool kit, child sized cooking tools
  11. Bath robe – I seem to buy these every couple years, they love them first thing in the morning or after a bath. Like this cute Batman or this Princess cat one
  12. Art supplies – I can’t recommend Crayola art supplies enough
  13. Games – we love games, they can be educational and your kids aren’t going to care because they are having fun
  14. Puzzles
  15. Camera – there are some great ones for children of different ages

Some of the subscription boxes that your little ones might be interested in are: Bramble Box, Green Kid Crafts, Little Passports, and The Art Kit.

What would you add to this list?

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