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DIY Christmas Ornaments that Kids Can Do

Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time to get a start on those crafts whether it be for yourself or for presents. We tend to make Christmas ornaments for the grandparents.

I had looked at clear ornaments a few years ago, but finally decided to buy some this year to do it.

DIY Christmas Ornaments that Kids Can Do

DIY Christmas Ornaments that Kids Can Do

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We used plastic, because the girls were doing them, and I didn’t want to risk them getting cut when one broke. But feel free to use glass for your own.

Christmas Ornaments

Here is what we used to fill our ornaments:

  • different colored vase fillers
  • Christmas (small) pompoms
  • tiny bells
  • scrapbook supplies
  • glitter
  • fake snow

Christmas Ornaments

We used 1/4 tsp measuring spoon to pour the vase filler into the ornaments. This will weight them down, a lot. Be mindful of how heavy they get.

To create our glitter ornaments we used Pledge Floor Care and fine glitter. Pour a little into your ornament, swirl it around to cover the whole thing. I tipped the ornament back over the bottle of Pledge to remove the extra. I couldn’t believe how easy this was, and that it truly worked, our ornaments show no sign of losing their glitter.

We tried being neat and tidy, but it didn’t work. We needed up using our fingers to shove the decorations in, glitter required a tiny measuring spoon or pouring the glitter in. It was messy fun. They had an easier time getting everything in their ornaments with their tiny fingers than I did.

Christmas Ornaments

This was a fun hour or so at the table making a mess and making some Christmas ornaments with my girls. We sent them to off to grandparents for Christmas gifts.

I did super glue the tops in place after we were finished, the vase filler one is a bit heavy and I didn’t want the top coming off and making a mess.

Have fun making your ornaments!

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