10+ Educational Board Games for Your Homeschool

I loved playing board games when I was a child. My children love playing educational board games, mainly because they don’t realize that they are learning while they are playing board games. I think board games fit in perfectly with homeschooling!

10+ Educational Board Games for Your Homeschool

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When you think about it what are you doing while you play a board game? You’re learning, or your kids are! Math, language, history, science, logic and so much more can be practiced without your kids ever catching on that real learning is taking place!

When learning is fun, kids learn so much fast and retain that knowledge better. That’s part of the reason we do hands-on science experiments all the time, we do them repeatedly. Educational board games, or board games in general, are a great way to practice skills.

Educational Board Games for Your Homeschool

There are so many board games out there. So many that I would love to have, but let's face it, I'm running out of room to shore them.

10+ Educational Board Games for Your Homeschool


The objective of cribbage is to be the first player to score a target number of points, typically 121, through a combination of card play and strategic pegging on a board. Cribbage is an excellent game for homeschooling because it offers opportunities to practice math, probability, and strategic thinking in an engaging way. If you don’t have a physical board, you can enjoy the game online, making it easily accessible for learning and leisure.

What are some of your favorite board games to play as a family?

What were your favorite games to play as a child? I loved Operation, and it is completely different (in-store) now than when I was a child, though Amazon is awesome and has the original.

My kids and I all love Monopoly, to the point where we currently own three different versions of it.

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