Bringing in the New Year with Your Kids

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means of course that the beginning of another year is about to start. Do you have anything with your kids for the New Year? We have spent the last couple of years going to a friend’s house and we ring in the New Year there with all the kids playing. I love being able to ring in the New Year with my family this way.

Bringing in the New Year with Your Kids

Bringing in the New Year with Your Kids

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Fun New Year’s Eve Items

New Year’s usually involves lots of food for everyone, lots of talking and fun. The kids all enjoy having glow sticks of all kinds to play with through the evening.

Kids love to wear party hats and anything else that makes it feel like a party and a celebration. Streamers, balloons, noisemakers, and all that are exciting to kids, and help them to stay awake a little longer to see if they can make it to midnight.

This year, my girls are getting old enough that we can look back over the past year, and look forward to the next together. We can make some plans about what we want to do, what we want to read, and so on.

Make some fun punch or buy sparkling apple juice for the kids, so they can have their own special drinks while their Momma sips on wine. Add in some fun glasses to make it extra special.

More Fun from other Bloggers

Because the evening and night leading to midnight are long hours, especially for kids who are in bed at eight or nine at night, having activities for them to do makes a big difference. We usually try to have fun shows, and board games for them to enjoy, but these bloggers have some great ideas too.

Bringing in the New Year with Your Kids

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Bringing in the New Year with Your Kids

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