Have you tried to find the perfect homeschool planner for your homeschool but yet they were all filled with scripture? Finding actually secular homeschool planners isn’t easy. Let me help you find one that works for you.

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Secular Homeschool Planners

If you’re looking for a planner that doesn’t focus on religion, there are a few secular homeschool planners available. While they may not be specifically tailored to secular families, they can still be helpful in your homeschool.

The planners vary in terms of what they include, but most have weekly and monthly pages for planning and tracking your homeschooling progress.

My Homeschool Planner

If you want to get organized and be successful in homeschooling your children, you need the Watercolor Homeschool Planner Bundle. This planner has everything you need, from a weekly and monthly schedule to pages for recording your lesson plans and goals. Plus, the fun watercolor design will help keep you inspired all year long.

Happy Planner – Teacher or Not

Personally, I don’t have an actual homeschool planner that I use. I use and love my Happy Planner. Because we’re just in the early elementary grades and my girls work together I don’t need a lot of space in my planner. They do have a teacher edition, I don’t have it but may check it out in the coming year.

This year though I have been using these awesome stickers for the Happy Planner for teachers.

Homeschool Planet Planner – Online

I have used the Homeschool Planet planner (online only), and it works amazingly if you don’t want paper. You can create an app for it on your phone for easier access. You can set it up to send you reminders for things like extra-curricular activities.

You can find my review here.

A+ Homeschool Planner

Suitable to a variety of planning preferences, this homeschool planner will help you manage your home classroom with:

  • Homeschool lesson plans for up to 6 children including calendars for mapping out over the days, weeks, and months of the school year
  • Dedicated space for recording weekly grades and attendance from the beginning of the homeschool year to the end to meet state regulations
  • Motivational quotes and tips on homeschool that provide inspiration to teach and insight on how to best balance your home and school life
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Erin Condren – Teacher Version

I have not used this, nor have I actually held it but other secular homeschool moms have recommended Erin Condren.

  • Two Page Monthly Calendar Spreads
  • Weekly Pages for Lesson Planning
  • Laminated Tabs & 2 Dated Calendar Options
  • Monthly Note Pages, Inspirational Quotes & More

The Wizard Homeschool Planner

If I didn’t already have my Happy Planner for the year, I would most likely buy this Wizard Homeschool planner. I bought her Waldock’s Wizard’s and Wands curriculum and love it. We can’t wait to get started in September.

Order Out of Chaos – Online

I just learned of this one myself after seeing other moms recommend it. The academic planners would be great for teaching your child time management skills. And the price is awesome!

If you know of another secular homeschool planner, I would love to hear about it so I can add it to the list.

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