How to Turn Around Bad Homeschool Days

We all have bad homeschool days and it’s not always easy to turn it around, it is hard to see past a bad mood. Instead of threatening to send your kids to public school, use one of these seven methods to change your day around. One of these just might be the key to turning your bad day around and setting you on the right path to homeschool success.

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13 Ways to Turn Around A Bad Homeschool Day

Instead of beating yourself up over a difficult homeschool day, accept it. It happens to everybody. We have the ability to take a rest, recharge, and reconstruct our bad homeschooling days for better homeschooling days in the future.

Turn on Music

Music is the best way to lift your spirits, to change the mood of everyone in your house. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t listen to music at some point. It brightens the mood. Getting up and dancing is a great way to shake off a bad vibe or bad mood.

Go Outside

Fresh air can change everyone’s mood, the sun changes me. You can take your lessons outside even, there is no rule that you have to stay inside to get your school lessons done. We all have enjoyed all lessons outside in the fresh air. My favorite would be to sit in our saucer swing and read.

Impromptu Field Trip

You just might need a change of sensory or a different way to learn or experience what you are learning. A trip to the museum, art gallery, or science center might just be what you need.

Board Games

We love board games. They are a great way to have some fun without going anywhere. If your children are already at each other maybe try to stay away from board games that aren’t going to make things worse, like Monopoly.

How to Turn Around Bad Homeschool Days

Turn on an Audiobook

Reading out loud is not my favorite thing, and when no one is listening or paying attention, I get cranky. An audiobook can be a better solution for everyone. My kids love audiobooks on their own to listen to when they are building with Legos or coloring.

Add A Little Movement

It might be time to add in a little physical education for your kids and you. I feel better when I have exercised. I can see a difference in my kids if they have been stuck inside for any amount of time. Rainy days are not good for us, but I have found ways to work around them.

Go Somewhere

Even better than playing an audiobook in the house, turning it on in the car and going for a drive will instantly change the tone of our homeschool day. Add in an ice cream stop or hot chocolate from the Starbucks drive-thru can turn a rough day around in no time.


Hanger is real people! Eating delicious and healthy food can boost moods instantly. Just skip the sugar and junk – you don’t want any more hyperactivity or mood slumps. Second breakfast is a must.


It’s calm and meditative, and keeps hands busy but allows chatting or listening to read-alouds/audiobooks. There are great some great coloring books for children and adults alike. There are fun color-by-number books as well for each age group.

Screen Time

I do limit screen time to a point. But I’m not above using screen time for my sanity or the sanity of my kids. Sometimes it’s just nice to turn the tv on and lose yourself in something, documentary or not.

Watching a documentary is a great way to not feel guilty over missed homeschool lesson time.

Go To The Library

You had to know this was going to be somewhere on this list right? A trip to the library is always our default. New books to read can always turn around a bad homeschool day. They don’t need to be books read for pleasure reading but even new books on a homeschool topic can change things around.

Do Hands-On Activities

Crafty and creative stuff can be mentally absorbing, and producing something concrete is satisfying. If you want ready-made kits we love Kiwi Crates – they provide hours of entertainment and we always learn something new.

Meet Up with Others

Call some other homeschoolers, friends, grandparents, whoever is available, and get out and get social! This can be a game changer when you have like-minded friends. When you find a friend that homeschools and your kids all get along, it’s amazing.

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