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5 Reasons to Keep a Homeschool Portfolio

While it may seem like a lot of work to keep a homeschool portfolio, there are many good reasons to keep a homeschool portfolio. A portfolio can help you stay organized and track your child’s progress. It can also be used as a tool to demonstrate your child’s skills to potential colleges or employers.

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5 Reasons to Keep a Homeschool Portfolio

When considering the definition of a portfolio, it’s fluid and flexible. A portfolio, usually kept in a binder with dividers, showcases the best of your student’s work in multiple subject areas.

It is a displayed compilation of your homeschooler’s strengths and aptitude. In addition to progress, portfolios exhibit achievements, efforts, and honorable mentions. 

Keep Memories

The best thing about a portfolio, no matter the way you chose to do so, is to preserve the memories that you are making with your children.

Track Progress

this is one of the aspects I’m most excited about. I love to reach the end of a school year and think back to the beginning and see just how much progress my girls have made. The problem is many times, I can’t remember just where we began. A portfolio will make it so much easier to track their progress. Not only will I use this at the end of the year, but also during my mid-year review.


This homeschooling thing really works! In the unfortunate event that you ever have to prove to someone that your children are actually learning, your homeschool portfolio is your proof.

Tests are not an accurate way to show what your kids know because some kids just do not test well. I do not, never did. My kids have only taken quizzes from Teaching Textbooks but I haven’t formally tested them.


There are those days when you need to see the proof that your children are learning. It’s sometimes hard to remember why you even started this journey, and then you can pull out the portfolios, celebrate your accomplishments and see that you really are making a difference in the life of your child.

This is also a great encouragement for a friend, especially one considering homeschooling.

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A Way to Keep Family Involved

Whether it’s a dad who spends long hours at work, or grandparents or other family members who want to be involved but aren’t there with your children every day, a homeschool portfolio is an excellent way for them to see what your children have been up to.

They are fun for your kids to show off too to grandparents at the end of a school year.

It’s easy!

Really. It is! As long as you keep up with it. Check out this post on 3 Shortcuts to Keeping Your Homeschool Portfolio.

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