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Is Grammar Galaxy Enough?

We have used Grammar Galaxy in our homeschool a number of times. And while we might try out other language arts curriculums from time to time, this one is like coming home. We always head back to it because it covers everything we need, and enjoy it. But is Grammar Galaxy enough? We think so.

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Grammar Galaxy Language Arts

I was looking for a program that would engage my kids, and a language arts program that was more than others we have tried. Grammar Galaxy kept popping up.

We were burned before by programs that smothered us with rigorous rules, too much prep work, and just not enough fun, or interesting enough to keep us coming back to our lessons.

No more endless workbooks and worksheets. No more simple rule memorization. And no more learning things simply for the sake of learning them.

In Grammar Galaxy, language arts textbooks are replaced by short stories, and workbooks are replaced by themed and immersive Mission Manuals. 

This means that Grammar Galaxy can slide naturally into Charlotte Mason and other literature-based homeschool approaches, as well as being an interesting option for parents whose students resist or struggle to engage with traditional language arts programs. 

But is Grammar Galaxy Enough?

Grammar Galaxy is complete a secular language arts program for elementary students and early middle school in grades 1-8+. Concepts are presented in an entertaining easy-to-understand story format, with literature, vocabulary, spelling strategies, grammar, composition, and public speaking covered in the stories.

It covers:

  • vocabulary development
  • spelling
  • reading practice
  • literary structure & techniques
  • writing
  • public speaking

All this makes Grammar Galaxy a pretty comprehensive and complete language arts curriculum for elementary to early middle school students. 

Grammar Galaxy books with Is Grammar Galaxy Enough text overlay

Grammar Galaxy Placement Test

The Grammar Galaxy placement test to determine their level of understanding so you know what level they should start with. A placement test can be found online and it will quiz your child on basic grammar rules, this is a quick quiz that your child won’t get bored with.

Get Free Samples

Download a complete lesson at your student’s level. When you download, you’ll also receive monthly language arts calendars and occasional updates from Grammar Galaxy Books. These calendars are great!

Applying mastery-based teaching techniques makes this language arts program a lot more efficient than alternative programs, covering a wide range of topics in great detail with little review and rereading of information. This allows families to cover this volume at a quicker pace.

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