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How to Start A Minimalist Homeschool Routine

Homeschooling is the best way to shape your child’s education, it can be a stressful and overwhelming task for many parents. Once you figure out the curriculum you want to use, you then have to figure out a routine. A minimalist homeschool routine is the best way to start out and not overwhelm yourself.

How to Start A Minimalist Homeschool Routine

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How to Start A Minimalist Homeschool Routine

It isn’t hard to have a minimalist homeschool routine. If you have been homeschooling for a while and this is something that you want to move towards instead of a more traditional you may find it a little difficult to wrap your mind around the lack of busywork.

The first step after picking curriculum out is figuring out your homeschool routine and schedule. It doesn’t have to be complicated but something to follow so you don’t feel like you have completely wasted a day or even a week.

Creating a Schehule or Minimalist Routine

Today, I am sharing a super simple daily homeschool routine that will cover all those academic bases without overwhelming anyone.


  • Don’t try to do every subject every day.
  • Read. You can learn so much from reading that you don’t need to find curriculum for every subject.
  • Get outside for fresh air and nature study. Spend a little time outside everyday.
  • Find a way to be creative.

You do not have to do every subject every day. I cannot stress this one enough. Please don’t try to cover everything.

Pick a curriculum that you can use with multiple children. This saves you time and enjoy for lesson teaching, planning, and buying.

How to Start A Minimalist Homeschool Routine

An example of how we homeschool multiple ages:

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