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Stealth Learning During Off Days

We are currently in that flex time between Christmas and New Year’s and no one knows what day it is, what time it is, or what they should be doing. I feel like we should be doing something and it’s mainly the lack of routine and structure. But I am getting in some stealth learning here and there whether my kids and I realize it or not.

Stealth Learning During Off Days

Stealth Learning During Off Schedule Homeschool Days

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We got more and then some more LEGO for Christmas here. LEGO is a great way to learn. My kids, well two of my kids, have more patience for LEGO than I and have some amazing imaginations for creating their own things. There has been a lot of time sitting, following instructions, and putting together LEGO sets over the past few days.


We didn’t get a lot of books this year, in fact, my kids each got one book and that was it. But they got a great book. Gauge, my seven-year-old, got Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia, perfect for a boy interested in learning about dinosaurs.

Austin, my 11-year-old, got the new Guinness World Records 2021, she loves these books and will read it cover to cover.

Brookland my nine-year-old, got National Geographic Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything. A very fitting book for her as she asks why all day long!

Stealth Learning During Off Days


We love cooking here, all of us. Cooking and baking with your kids is a great way to get all the basics in all at once. You’ll be reading the recipe, measuring and mixing the ingredients, and then there is the eating of whatever you made.

We do a lot of baking during our homeschool downtime. This year I am working on getting my middle child in the kitchen more as in the past she has always been more interested in other things rather than cooking or baking.

You don’t need to have a plan for stealth learning on your days off. Going for a walk and talking about what you and your kids are seeing is a learning opportunity. A walk in the woods is going to bring you different sights and sounds compared to a walk on the beach.

Enjoy a day with your kids. You don’t have to test them, but instead, have a conversation with them.

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