Homeschooling Multiple Aged Kids

Homeschool mom, I know you have a lot on your plate. You are busy trying to keep everything running smoothly but there is only one you and so many things that you feel you need to be doing. You need to find some way to make lessons and homeschooling multiple-aged kids easier for yourself before you burn out.

Homeschooling Multiple-Aged Kids

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Homeschooling Multiple Aged Kids

As a homeschool mom to three kids in very different grades, I understand the need to find ways to get everything done in your homeschool and your home.

One of the best ways I have found to “get it all done” is to outsource some things. My personal favorite subject to outsource is math. Math was never a strong subject for me in school and I’m not confident when it comes to teaching it to my kids. I want to them be confident in math.

CTCMath offers math online for all ages. In fact, they offer homeschool family membership because they know that homeschool families often need multiple grade subscriptions, not just one grade.

What is CTC?

CTCMath is an online math program for all ages.

The math lessons are short and present the math concept step by step. You can use CTCMath for multiple aged kids easily with their (discounted) homeschool family membership. All three of my kids can hop on and do their math lesson no matter where we are.

CTCMath works on desktop, on their tablets, as well so mobile devices for lessons while we are on vacation or following dad on business. Homeschooling is the freedom to learn wherever you want and not be stuck at home.

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Homeschooling Multiple-Aged Kids

More Ways to Homeschool Multiple Aged Kids

There is no quick fix for homeschooling your multiple aged kids. But just like CTCMath, there are great programs to help you out. There are many different ways to help yourself out. You don’t have to stress and try and fit in all the subjects in one day.

The best tip I can give is to create a schedule that works for your family.

An example of how we homeschool multiple ages:

We do as many of our lessons together as a group as possible. This saves on how many different directions I am pulled in. It also makes our day shorter.

Make sure that you check out the homeschool family membership and your free trial to see how it can help you and your kids this year. Can you imagine how much more streamlined your homeschool could be with one math curriculum, on one website, for all your kids?

And bonus: CTCMath sends you weekly updates so you know just how your child(ren) are doing.

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