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Summer Learning, Keep It Going

Summer slide is a real thing, but here’s the thing, I think it is more for public school kids than homeschooled kids. As homeschoolers, my kids are constantly reading or finding awesome new documentaries that they enjoy. Find ways that you kids will enjoy summer learning in their way.

Summer Learning, Keep It Going

Summer Learning, Keep It Going

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I tend to point my kids towards more educational past times. The best part is that summer learning can be fun, get to the things that skipped over through the school year.

Reading Challenges

We join the library reading club each year, we’re already reading, so why not join in for some more fun. This year when I printed off some sheets to keep track of the books they are, they challenged me to keep track of the books that I am reading. Challenge accepted children.

Nature Study

I just requested a bird book from the library so we can learn a little more about the birds building nests and having babies in our trees. We have had mourning doves and now are onto our second nest of robins. It has been a very cute learning experience for all of us.

We have a family of foxes, ducks, and muskrats as well. All the babies are all around us this spring and we are learning a lot from them and about them.

Do some of the following and keep a diary of sorts on what they see, writing or drawing what they see:

  • Watching clouds
  • Gardening
  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Looking for insects

Entrepreneur Skills

I shared in our summer bucket list that I want to spend some quality one-on-one time with each of my kids this summer and work on things with them. My oldest wants to make and sell dogs treats, and while not running my oven is my plan, we’ll be making an exception for this.

Plus I am working on a few of my own ideas this summer which means we are all learning about those too.

Summer Learning ideas

Screen Time

Instead of free screen time, give them some structure with educational apps and games such as Reading Eggs or Moose Math. After a predetermined amount of time, they can then switch to something else.

Science Experiments

Did you skip over science experiments this school year in hopes of just getting through the year? I know we did, but I had a plan all along. My plan was to use the summer to get them all done and have fun while doing so. Keep the learning going so to speak.

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