15 Frugal Staycation Ideas

Summer vacation is here for schools, and for those homeschoolers that follow the public school schedule. But summertime, or summer vacation, doesn’t mean you have to travel all over the world, or your country, or even your province. Instead plan a frugal staycation.

15 Frugal Staycation Ideas

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Free Staycation  Ideas

Play Tourist

Plan as if you are a tourist in your city or area. What activities have you always wanted to do, but just haven’t done yet because you take having them nearby for granted? Or what have you not done for years that your kiddos would love to do (or do again)?

Go Hiking

Google the best hikes in your area or in your state, and plan one or more days of your staycation around that. Pack a tasty picnic lunch and enjoy the sunshine!

Go Camping

We are planning on getting rid of our camping gear when we sell, but first, we’re going to go camping, in the backyard. Or at least the Husband and kids will. I’ll be in the house.

Go for A Bike Ride

Bike around your town or city, pack a picnic and enjoy a lunch out.

Picnic in the Park

Find a great playground or park to enjoy, take some toys or balls to play with to spend a day at a park. Take a picnic so you don’t have to leave for lunch or supper.

Outdoor Concert

Attend a free outdoor concert in your city or town.

Enjoy the Library

The library always has different activities happening. Whether it is an afternoon matinee for the kids or the whole family.

Scavenger Hunt

Either create your own, or head over to Pinterest to find an already made scavenger hunt to do this summer as part of your staycation.

Splash Pad

We love going to the splash pad for an afternoon. Take a picnic for lunch, invite friends to make a day of it.

15 Frugal Staycation Ideas

Staycations that have a Little Cost

Farmer’s Market

Take a few bucks, and walk around your local farmer’s market. Buy a little treat, or some fresh vegetables for your meals, etc.

Visit the Local Pool

Pools do cost usually unless there is a family free swim time. But the cost is usually minimal and perfect for a once-in-a-while trip.

Visit a Water Park

Kids love water parks, and parents do too! Even if you only go once for the summer to balance out the cost.

Visit a Zoo

Everyone loves to visit the zoo. The zoo is a great place to check out some of the animals that you may have learned about through your homeschool year.

Visit a Museum 

If there is a children’s museum in your area head on over. We love them for learning, and for the air conditioning in the summer.

Go Bowling

This is one of our favorite things to go do. It isn’t that expensive for an hour or two of fun.

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