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BookShark Science Level E Review

We have used BookShark in the past and loved it, here we are back with them again for this year’s science curriculum and I personally couldn’t be more happy! We’re using BookShark Science Level E for our homeschool science. And I don’t have to plan a thing!

BookShark Science Level E Review

I received this product as well as reimbursement for the time spent writing this review in exchange for my honest thoughts. This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

BookShark Science Level E Review

One thing I really love about BookShark is that their levels aren’t specific to one grade, or one age. I can use it, easily with my three kids. They are almost 8 years old, 10 years old, and 12 years old.

BookShark Science Level E is intended for ages 9-12. I did think about going with Level F but then I wouldn’t feel as comfortable about using it with my youngest.

My Favorite Things About BookShark

I want to start by saying that I was planning on buying this science curriculum for this year when I received the opportunity to review it because:

  • the instructor’s guide making teaching a subject easy
  • the science kit contains everything you need for hands on learning
  • I don’t have to search for the required books
  • it is not based on memorization
  • my kids enjoyed BookShark science in the past

BookShark is an all-in-one curriculum!

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Using BookShark Science Curriculum

Using BookShark curriculum is as easy as open and go. Everything is planned for you, you do not have to be well versed in all things science to teach your kids with this curriculum.

With their weekly schedule, working on my favorite thing – a four-day week – you know exactly what you are going to be doing each day. After a while, you will know which book you are going to be using for Monday for example once you get into a routine.

The schedule isn’t overwhelming which helps everyone look forward to science lessons.

Flip to the next page in the Instructor’s Guide and you can read exactly what you and your child is going to be doing, and what you need to say to introduce a new topic, a science experiment, etc. You don’t have to learn this stuff ahead of time to teach it your child. Instead you get to learn along with them instead of spending your self-care time brushing up on science.

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What subjects are covered in BookShark Science Level E?

  • energy
  • earth’s systems, including: rock formations, tectonic plates, and natural hazards,
  • properties of waves
  • physical characteristics of living things

Experiments range from: simulating animal nerve connections with an electrical current, building a methane gas collection system, creating an electromagnet, and more.

Request a catalog to really check out just what BookShark has to offer your family for your homeschool curriculum needs!

You may notice changes in BookShark Science Curriculum

When I opened up my BookShark box the first thing I noticed was that the science experiment book was different than what I had expected based on the curriculum I had gotten in the past. There is a reason for it.

They have made some updates. Science is always changing, advancing so it makes sense that the curriculum would have some changes too.

Another change, which I am really enjoying is that the curriculum has been designed for a more linear program in which the weekly activity always aligns with the weekly reading. Love this!

New for 2021: BookShark Virtual

When you pair BookShark print curriculum with a Virtual seat, parents and students get cool online features like assessment, grading, and accountability—accessible via mobile or desktop!

The best way to understand BookShark Virtual is to try it yourself. The first three weeks of every Virtual course are available for free just like the Instructor’s Guide samples always have been (here).

Watch the demo videos to get your bearings, and then take it for a spin. Let your child take a peek, too!

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