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What is Minimalist Homeschooling?

So what is minimalist homeschooling? This type of homeschooling is considered a lifestyle and not a method. Minimalist homeschooling teaches you how to be well-planned, not buy expensive curriculum, and live a stress-free life. It is also called relaxed homeschooling, which is what it is called more often. But relaxed, to me, doesn’t describe it well enough.

What is Minimalist Homeschooling?

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What is Minimalist Homeschooling?

In many homeschooling approaches, there is the sense that learning needs to include a wide and demanding set of lessons, subjects, and activities. In minimalistic homeschooling, the idea is to cut out all these extras and focus primarily on the things they deem important.

It is setting a goal, your reason for homeschooling, and sticking to it. Using that as your focus and following

Minimalist homeschooling takes homeschooling to the next level by encouraging stressed parents to leave behind all worries of what a schooling environment might look like! Minimalism pursues the learning environment that makes children happy and more comfortable following their homeschool plan.

A minimalist homeschooling approach teaches the following:

  • how to control your homeschooling to work efficiently
  • to decide what is the most important!
  • to teach your kids what they want to learn about!
  • to build easy-going and stronger bonds with your kids

Minimalist homeschooling provides you with less stress, chaos, and overwhelmed! It teaches you to focus on your most important educational goals for your kids. 

Using What You Have in Your Minimalist Homeschool

The motive of minimalist homeschooling is to use the staple items that bring your kids more joy and happiness. If your child loves toys, use them in your homeschool as learning tools. Like instead of buying math manipulatives, try to use pieces of cereal. If you want to teach your son how to count money?

Use what you have on hand instead of buying more materials. Instead of buying plastic coins for learning about money, use the coins in your piggy bank, and so on.

Minimalist Homeschooling Homeschooling Without the Stuff

What is Minimalist Homeschooling?

Minimalist Homeschool Overall

A lot of homeschool focus should be, and often is focused on three important pieces: reading, writing, and math.

There are a lot of high-priced curriculums out there, they can be great in their own way but they may not be what you need for a minimalist homeschool lifestyle. There are some great free options online that make it easy to use this approach to homeschooling.

Basic Tips For Minimalist Homeschool Moms

  • use less paper
  • reuse everything
  • skip the classroom
  • borrow, don’t buy
  • group up with other homeschool families
  • use video – such as streaming services
  • use everyday materials

Minimalism is not an end goal. It’s a way of life. It is not about having as little as possible. It’s about decluttering and then being intentional with what you bring in.

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