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7 Free Homeschooling Websites

There are a ton of free homeschooling websites out there. I does take time to sift through them, and to search for them in general, you need some time to look. The key is though, is to know what it is you are looking for in a website, and what you are looking for your kids to learn.

7 Free Homeschooling Websites

7 Free Homeschooling Websites

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Let’s face it, there is so much curriculum out there that we feel like our head could explode, and we’d go bankrupt in a minute. But homeschooling doesn’t have to do that, and free homeschooling rocks!

*I want to add an update to this: EasyPeasy is included in this because at the time I was picking and choosing content from it to use. For only secular content, check out this post on solely secular websites.*

Free Resources for Homeschooling

There is no “fee” when choosing to put your child in public school, yes, you do pay taxes which then go towards education but you don’t have an up front cost to educate your child.

When we chose to homeschool I did so with the expectation that I would have a very limited budget. My budget is only what the school board will reimburse us for each year, per child, and I usually stay lower than that, because the money is coming out of my pocket.

Forgetful Momma – I am working to turn this site into a great resource for you all. There are a lot of free resources here. You can check out our homeschool page to find some fun science experiments for example to do at home with your kids.

I do have a shop add to this site that you can check out. But there is still all the other free resources and activities available including our DIY Summer Camp activities.

PBS Kids Learning Media

I don’t use this one a lot, but its great for pre-planned lessons – you can create your own or use one that is already there. It covers all subjects which I love.

Easy Peasy All in One 

Looking for the easiest, free homeschooling option? This is it. She has laid out each day, the reading materials, lessons, everything. Or you can pick and choose what you want to use from it. (There is a religious bit to this one, but you can skip over it, there is no religion in the math section for insistence.)

7 Free Homeschooling Websites

Khan Academy

“With math exercises stretching from basic arithmetic through advanced calculus and a focus on personalized learning, Khan Academy is a valuable resource for homeschooling families. If you’re a parent who’d like to use Khan Academy in homeschool, we recommend following these steps.” – My seven year old loves this website! It is for math and science. My favorite part is that I can see which skills she has mastered, or needs to work on.

Book Adventure 

This is a new one for us, but we’re loving it!

National Geographic Kids 

For one thing, my kids love this magazine, my grandmother bought them the subscription and its great. So we knew the website would be great too. There are games and videos, but my kids favorite part would be learning about animals. They earn badges as they do things on their site as well (once signed up).


More lesson plans just waiting for you! Who knew there could be so much for us to use for teaching our kids.

7 Free Homeschooling Websites

How to Smile

This is another new to us one. They have a number of different topics to choose from for example the human body. You can then dive into all things human body, right down to blood typing. They tell you everything you need to know for planning to do specific activities from type to cost.

Resources for your Homeschool

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