Homeschooling Budget: Shopping at the Dollar Store

A lot of my homeschooling budget items come from the dollar store, or from the dollar section at larger stores. Just remember to watch those dollar store prices, sometimes they can be more expensive than elsewhere. I live by our weekly budget for bills and groceries so homeschooling would be no different.

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Homeschooling Budget: Shopping at the Dollar Store

One thing I have noticed lately as the prices go up at the dollar stores is that it can be just as cheap, and certainly, more convent to just buy it all on Amazon at once instead of shopping around at different stores.

Flash Cards

Our Dollarama and Dollar Tree stores often have a good selection of flashcards and playing cards. The best part, about them, besides the price point, is that they often are fun characters that your kids will enjoy. For example, I got Monster High multiplication cards for my Monster High fan.

Homeschooling Dollar Store Budget


The dollar store often has graded workbooks available. I have seen large all-in-one styles that have all the subjects in one, and I have seen a lot of them that focus on one subject, such as math or writing.

School Supplies

I buy dry erase markers at the dollar store for my kids to use, mainly because they can sometimes push too hard and ruin them and I don’t want to be spending a good chunk of money on replacing them repeatedly.

Notebooks. You can buy notebooks to make your own workbook. My girls love to write stories, make fashion books, and more with notebooks from the dollar store.

Index cards and boxes to keep them in. These are great for making your own flashcards.

Loose Parts


Popsicle sticks – these make great counters.

Magnifying glasses.

Homeschooling Dollar Store Budget

The dollar store is always my first step in looking for school supplies such as the ones I have mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop the back-to-school supplies from large stores for crayons, pencils, and such. But, for a lot of things, and maybe something I need randomly in the middle of the year that I didn’t think about needing: the dollar store it is.

Homeschooling doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It doesn’t require fancy supplies or an expensive curriculum. Use what you have available to you, and in your homeschooling budget.