Should I Buy RightStart Math or Not?

Just because this curriculum works great for one homeschool family doesn’t mean that it is going to work for your family. One curriculum might be perfect in the first season of your homeschool but not work in the next. Answer these questions to see if you should buy RightStart Math curriculum or not.

Should I Buy RightStart Math or Not

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Should I Buy RightStart Math or Not?

I can’t tell you what curriculum to buy. We have used RightStart Math in the past and will be using it for some extra practice in the coming school year. But for us, we have reached a time in our homeschool where it doesn’t fit us as perfectly as different math curriculums.

Here are some things to think about when you are looking at this curriculum.

RightStart Math may be a great fit for you if:

  • your child loves games and hands-on learning
  • your child doesn’t like to do a lot of paper-and-pencil work
  • you want an open-and-go, scripted program
  • you enjoy and have time for parent-directed lessons
  • you can afford the expensive start-up cost – more on that below
  • your child thrives with regular review

RightStart Math may not be the right choice if:

  • your child prefers straightforward and clear demonstrations of math skills rather than figuring things out for himself
  • your child learns more slowly or more quickly than most other kids*
  • you don’t have time for lots of parent-directed teaching and games**
  • the manipulative kit doesn’t fit your budget – scroll down for more options in this area
  • your child gets impatient with regular review
  • you don’t want to have to keep track of a bunch of manipulatives

*The spiral lesson format makes it difficult to condense RightStart for advanced learners, and it makes it difficult to know whether or not to move on for slower learners.

**This is especially important to consider if you have or will have multiple school-age children. Many parents find more than two RightStart lessons per day to be their breaking point.

Should I Buy RightStart Math or Not

How much does RightStart cost?

RightStart’s annual cost is comparable to other programs at about $100 for each year’s instructor guide and workbook. However, the start-up cost is steep–$250 for the full manipulative set! This works out to about $40 per year if you use it for your child’s entire elementary education, but it’s a big upfront cost.

RightStart also offers a Super Saver option that provides a more pared-down set of manipulatives. With this option, you’ll need to print and prep several more materials, though, too.

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