Furious Think Books for Tweens and Teens

I want to raise kids that are free thinkers, who are questioning, imaginative, articulate, clever, and so many more things. I want to raise great human beings, and that is what Furious Think also wants. Which is what these great books are going to help you and your teen accomplish.

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Furious Think Books for Tweens and Teens

Furious Think is a Canadian company, which makes my Canadian heart happy.

Their products focus on ages 9 to teens, trying to create books that can work for any and all levels within that age range. With this in mind, they focus a lot on open-ended questions ensuring their books are engaging… so that kids like using them.


The books are the perfect size for taking along with you in the car on a drive, for lessons outside, or wherever you might want to do school They have a distraction-free design which can be quite great for kids who are easily distracted… or fo those who’s creativity and understanding is boosted by doodling.

The content is easy to digest, and kids can make these books their own if and how they choose.

Furious Think Minis

  • Tales of Everything: Summon Your Knowledge of Movies, Shows & Books 
  • Random Conversations: A Fun Way to Grow an Essential Human Skill (newly updated!)
  • Ultimate Categories: Book, Game, Challenge
  • Animal Squares: Portraits & Profiles

My oldest, now 12 years old, has used some of the conversation starters in writing to her penpals. They are great for getting the conversation started when meeting new people. For example, one question is: Do you think there could be any circumstances under which people would start living in trees?

Furious Think Mini Books

Critical Thinking and Conversation Trilogy

  • This series is all about practicing & strengthening those high-value critical thinking & reasoning skills that are needed throughout life.
  • When used interactively, these books can spark amazing discussions, and boost young people’s confidence when it comes to speaking and expressing their ideas and opinions.
  • If you’re also looking for writing practice, all three books can serve as a trove of paragraph-of-the-day (week) possibilities.
Furious think Critical Thinking and Conversation Trilogy

How to Use Furious Think In Your Homeschool

I think the minis are perfect for preteens and teens to be using on their own, both leading up to meeting new people and for hanging out with new people in a group setting. They are great for homeschool groups, especially at the first of the year when new people are joining.

As for the Critical Thinking and Conversation Trilogy, we’re using those in our homeschool lessons. Agree or Disagree are such great thinking books, I mean they all are, but this is opening up discussions, and making it fun and light instead of heavy world topics kind of conversations.

Decisions & Dilemmas and A Book of Questions have been great for written assignments. Yes, they are great for conversations with your kids but they are fun thought-provoking questions for written assignments too, especially when you both are struggling with coming up with a topic.

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