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Best Phonics App for Early Literacy Skills

Does your child just not want to read? That’s how Gauge, almost seven, was until just a few weeks ago. He was happy to be read to, happy to flip through books on his own. He had no interested in sounding out words. And not for lack of early literacy skills.

HOMER for Homeschool Early Literacy Skills

HOMER Reading for Homeschool Early Literacy Skills

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Until he decided that he knew how to read at the library one day. Just like that. He picked up a level reading book, sat down next to me and shocked me when he read it.

Why was I not freaking out about my almost seven year old not reading yet? Because I knew he wasn’t ready and I was doing my job in giving him the tools to get ready. What tools was I giving him?

HOMER for Homeschool Early Literacy Skills

I gave him HOMER Reading. HOMER Reading is a learn to read, fun and interactive app to spark your child’s interest in reading. It helps your child build critical skills with a personalized learn-to-read plan! Start a FREE trial to help your child fall in love with learning.

We use the app, but the program is available on as desktop as well as Android and Apple devices. My kids all have their own tablets for learning, and this was the best way to give him a chance to use it, to explore the app, and, apparently learn to read. HOMER Reading is ad-free, safe, and easy to use.

You can feel good about letting your child use this app on their own. Check it out for yourself before you let your child explore.

Gauge was able to use HOMER Reading which is age appropriate and includes many different topics for learning to read on his own. Your child will be able to use this app independently, depending on their age of course. This can give you a few free minutes to work with your other children, or to drink your coffee.

Literacy Skills Progress Tracking

Are you wondering how you child is doing? I mean beside seeing what they are doing, but maybe you are wondering if the app is working for you. You can track your child’s progress.

HOMER for Homeschool Early Literacy Skills- track progress

It’s More than Just A Early Literacy App

HOMER Reading, in my opinion, makes a stand alone reading curriculum for early elementary student.

HOMER Reading is more than just an app. It is a great overall addition to your homeschool. Not everyone knows what books are great beginner reader books, I didn’t when I had my first child. But HOMER Reading gives you some really great reading suggestions.

And beyond the the fun interactive app and reading suggestions, they have the Write & Draw area of their site. You can find it on the Track Progress page. They have some fun activities, including one on Exploring Egypt that we will be using a little later in our lessons, they also have some fun printables for back to school.

Families can try HOMER Reading free for 30 days and receive our exclusive back-to-school offer of just $45 for the year (over 60% off).

The Best Phonics App for Early Literacy Skills

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