BookShark Virtual is Here!

My kids are getting older. I realize it is a biological fact, and not something I can change. With them getting older is the independence that I actually enjoy in our homeschool and life in general. BookShark has been a very hands-on for parents curriculum until now. Because BookShark Virtual is here, your kids have a little more independence.

BookShark Has Gone Virtual

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BookShark Virtual is Here

Why am I excited about virtual learning and why I am excited about my kids learning independently from me? Because that is kinda the goal. I want them to have a lifelong love of learning, without me telling them what they should be learning.

This is setting the stage for that learning.

This virtual option of BookShark is not meant to replace what we have come to know and love about this literature-based curriculum.

One hold-up for us at times with this literature-based curriculum has been the binder. Or I guess I should say the size of the Instructor’s Guide and the size of the binder needed for it.

If I wanted to spend a day elsewhere or were going to be on the road I would have to the sections I needed for the day or week away out of the main binder. But now, with the virtual, we can take our lessons on the go much easier because we can access them from mobile or desktop devices.

What does BookShark Virtual Look Like

What does BookShark Virtual Look Like?

The short answer is: it looks just like the BookShark curriculum. Just online. Your student will be able to do all their assignments and quizzes online.

They can upload pictures of completed projects which I love! This is teaching them to document their own work, which is a skill they should have as they move along and take control of their own education.

The new features make recordkeeping and grading a breeze! Students simply upload their completed work, making it easy to track exactly where they’re at if they are working more independently.

What does BookShark Virtual Look Like (1)

Packed with features for both parent and child:

  • enjoy easy recordkeeping & grading
  • upload student work
  • see 36 weeks of schedules
  • keep track of completed assignments
  • encourage independent learning
  • document student work
  • track completed assignments
  • assign & adjust grades
  • provide feedback and leave messages
  • get parent notifications
  • export PDF portfolio of completed work
  • and many more

The easy export PDF portfolio can be very helpful when it comes time to do your year-end report for the school board. Everything you need is going to be in one PDF ready to go.

BookShark Virtual Subjects:

BookShark Virtual is currently available for most of your core subjects:

  • English
  • History
  • Science
  • Math-U-See
BookShark Science Level E Review - books

Learn More About BookShark

Try BookShark Virtual Before You Buy

I love when companies let me sample a product I am thinking about using with my kids. BookShark Virtual has a 3-week sample for you to try out and see just how great it really is and how it can help you in your homeschool.

Feeling Overwhelmed and Have Questions?

BookShark has a great section for help. In fact, as you are moving along the system for the first time, it is going to pop suggestions for more information and help. They also have a YouTube channel for the virtual side of things in case you need more help.

3-Week Sample of BookShark Virtual

Watch the demo videos to get your bearings, and then take it for a spin. Let your child take a peek, too!