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How to: Homeschooling Online to Make Things Easier for You

Homeschooling is a lot of work. It is a lot of planning for each subject, particularly if you are creating your own curriculum. One option to make things easier for yourself is to turn to homeschooling online.

How to: Homeschooling Online to Make Things Easier for You

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How to Homeschooling Online

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the right tools. A device that will run the programs you want to use. A laptop or tablet is great. I definitely recommend having one device per child using online homeschool. Having a child busy with their own work, and having another waiting to get theirs done doesn’t make for a happy homeschool day.

Who Does Online Work Best for:

Homeschooling online can work for anyone. You don’t have to be an overworked parent to turn to this method of homeschooling.

It is great for working parents who want to homeschool but need something to help them out with it. For parents who want to have one on one time to work with one child while another still has something to work on. Parents that aren’t comfortable teaching a subject, or any of them, especially as your children get older.

Putting Together Your Own Online Curriculum

There are a lot of amazing channels that focus on different subjects. Use YouTube as a way to teach a subject that may be more confusing or are having a difficult time explaining to their child. The best part is homeschooling with YouTube is free and convenient – and works on the go with most phones, computers, and tablets.

OutSchool – Pick and choose classes for your child(ren) to take based on the subjects you are teaching in your homeschool and their interests.

YouTube – a handy tool for your homeschool. We use YouTube when we are stuck on a problem – can’t figure out how to do long division with a remainder? There is a video for that.

How to: Homeschooling Online to Make Things Easier for You

Homeschooling Online Curriculum

There are also online learning options for individual subjects:

Teaching Textbooks and CTC Math for math.

Fascinating Education for middle school and high school sciences.

Night Zookeeper for language arts.

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