Being A Secular Homeschooler can be Hard

Being a homeschooler isn’t easy no matter what type of homeschooling you choose to do. Being a secular homeschooler is hard too, because it isn’t that common. Though homeschooling isn’t common in general, secular homeschooling is less common within the homeschooling community.

Being A Secular Homeschooler can be Hard - lonely homeschooler

Being A Secular Homeschooler Can Hard

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Secular Homeschooling can be Lonely

There aren’t a lot of secular communities, and there aren’t a lot of secular homeschoolers in our area either. Which means as a secular homeschooler it can be lonely if you are going to only be friends/socialize with like homeschoolers.

We try to get together with homeschoolers, but try to find those that aren’t overly religious or at least aren’t pushy about their religion.

Using causal settings, such as playgrounds and museums is a great way to get together without worrying about religion.

In our experience formal, planned get together’s are near impossible. Near. If you find one that fits you that’s great, if you can’t maybe consider creating your own.

As shy person, knowing no one, I have commented in homeschooling groups on Facebook to connect with like minded homeschoolers. Facebook homeschool groups are a great way to “meet” people and arrange get togethers. Search homeschool and your area on Facebook and see what you find. You just might find a great co-op.

You just need to be willing to work at creating relationships in your homeschool community. Put yourself out there a bit and you could be rewarded with great, lasting friendships.

Secular homeschool Curriculum List

Secular Curriculum is Hard to Find

I was so so happy when I discovered BookShark, because other than it, I didn’t know of a secular boxed curriculum. I have since found more secular curriculum, though not necessarily boxed curriculum.

I don’t want to take a curriculum and work around a religion, I want it secular – open and go, especially for what you pay for some curriculum.

You can get workbooks that are without religion, which if you aren’t looking for a full curriculum, or are an eclectic homeschooler, works great. We used this method for our first couple years and are back to this method and it’s great for us, especially as I have gotten more confident in homeschooling.

You can find a list of secular curriculum that I put together for this year coming. I will be keeping it updated. I want to help make homeschooling for secular homeschoolers easier.

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