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We’re Using BookShark Curriculum

If you are are a secular homeschooler then chances are you have heard of BookShark curriculum. They are a secular homeschool curriculum resource, with a book based approached… and if you have followed along with us on our homeschool journey you know that we are big book fans here, so I think this is going to be a great fit.

BookShark Curriculum

Curriculum We’re Using this Year – BookShark

*This is a sponsored posted. I received curriculum in exchange for BookShark reviews. All opinions are 100% my own, the good and the bad.*

You can find our 2018-2019 choices here. Hint, there’s more BookShark.

When you open a box of BookShark the first thing(s) you see are books. As a literature based curriculum this is to be expected. We received Reading with History 1 and it includes a huge pile of books! Plus the books that go along with Science 1.

If looking at the pile of books that we received in one box wasn’t enough to make me happy then the weekly planner was more enough to put me over the top.

How We Do Read Aloud in Your Homeschool

They have a four day, one day “leftover” a week for sports, field trips or other extracurricular activities, or in our case, for taking a day off in the middle of the week.

The weekly schedule is laid out with printable worksheets to do, and when to do them, when to read which stories and such. This makes my wanna be planner, routine heart leap for joy. Even if I struggle to stick to a routine. Who knows, maybe this will be the year we follow a plan and routine.

BookShark tells you that you aren’t stuck to their schedule, make things work for you, think of the schedule as a guide, the instructor guide if you will.

BookShark Package

I am going to admit that I just want to dig into the work right now. In fact, just this morning I was going looking through the parent binder, just itching to get started.

My girls (and Gauge too) have been openly enjoying the books that came with the Reading with History 1 books. Keeping books away from my kids is impossible, I would have to hide them, and I just can’t do that.

BookShark Curriculum Offers:

All Subjects Packages

All-Subject Packages are for those aged 4 through to 14. Though not all levels have all of those, it depending on the level you choose.  What can be include:

  • History
  • Read-Alouds
  • Readers
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Math
  • Handwriting.

Secular History

There are nine different history options for those aged 5-16. There is:

Intro to the World: Cultures
Intro to the World: Year 1 &2
Intro to American History Year 1 & 2
Eastern Hemisphere
World History Year 1 & 2
History of Science
History & Literature

BookShark Curriculum – Secular Language Arts

There are eight different language arts that you can chose from, from ages 5-13. There are also three different level 2 options: Regular, Intermediate, and Advanced.

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BookShark Math Options

There are multiple math program options to choose from through BookShark, including Math U See, Saxon Math, Spinapore Math, and Teaching Textbooks.

Basically BookShark have everything you could want or are looking for to teach your child up until about the age of 14. With the different options that they have, what more could you want in a secular homeschool site?

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