How We Enjoy Secular Homeschooling – Most Days

Everyday we homeschool brings with it it’s own set of challenges and successes, and the joy of being about to teach our kids at home. I try so hard each and everyday to enjoy it. When I set out to have enjoy our secular homeschool day, we tend to have a lot more fun, and a lot less cranky Momma. It doesn’t always work out, but I try my best, and my kids will tell you that’s all I ask, for you to try your best. I say it quite often.

How We Enjoy Secular Homeschooling

How We Enjoy Secular Homeschooling

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Homeschooling can be so hard, topically a lot of pressure on yourself to do a great job and be a “perfect” homeschooling mom. I’m so far from perfect and I’m just fine with that, we have bad days but we also have great amazing days too.

Fun Days

I make sure to plan out some fun throughout the week whether it is doing a craft, getting outside for some of our reading or a nature study. We go to the library weekly, which for us book lovers is really exciting. Seriously, the only thing I can ground my kids from is the library, and they know they are in trouble if I ground them from the library.


We have started taking turns baking with our kids one on one. Austin, my oldest, lacks a little bit of confidence at times so I have tricked her into completely baking cookies on her this way. Plus, it gives us one on one time with our kids.

Days or Time Off

We use BookShark curriculum which comes with a four day schedule so having a day off in the middle of the week isn’t a hardship.

Know when to walk away. I think that is the best advice I can give you to enjoy your homeschool days. When everyone is bunchy or tired, just chalk it up to a lazy or relaxed homeschool day to keep everyone from loosing their cool. We have melt downs, usually over copy work, and I tend to just walk away and it somehow gets done, even if it takes twice as long as it should, or longer.

Copy Work Break Down - How We Enjoy Secular Homeschooling

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How We Enjoy Secular Homeschooling