Educational Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Can you believe that there is just over a month left until Christmas? I can honestly say, I am done shopping. Hubby still has two things to pick up this week when he goes into the city for a meeting and then I have to start wrapping. Though I tend to put that off until the last week that I possibly can. I love shopping and buying for people, hate wrapping.

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Educational Stocking Stuffer Ideas

How do I get so much shopping done so early? I do my Christmas shopping all year long! It adds a couple of extra bucks to my grocery bill to throw in an extra bottle of bubble bath for one of my girls, or a pack of crayons. It doesn’t add much, but come December, you have a lot, if not all, of your stocking stuffers.

If you are looking for some ideas to get you started, check out some of my ideas for the man, woman, and or kids in your life!

Personalized Letter from Santa

This letter will make for an imaginative start to any Christmas morning, but there’s more pressure now to keep the fun going! Here are some other easy stocking stuffers to keep the magic going for your kiddos this year!

In Canada, you can write a letter to Santa and the amazing volunteers will write back to your child. If you are too late in writing a letter to Santa, or not in Canada, you can grab one of these last-minute letters.

*Missing links – due to the company no longer being in business.

Educational Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. DIY Crystal Christmas Tree Experiment – An opportunity to spend more time together as a family is one of the best gifts you can give! These directions for a DIY salt-crystal Christmas tree can get the whole family involved and teach everyone something new!

2. DIY Push Light Planets – Create these amazing lights for your kiddo’s bedroom. Each light is decorated to represent one of the planets. To encourage planet recognition, even paint the names of the planets onto each pushable light!

3. Show Me the Kwan – Looking for a great, fun game for the whole family to play after all the presents have been opened? This clever and upbeat word game gets kids excited about vocabulary, word construction, and more and is the perfect size for a stocking!

4. Matching Games for Little Learners – These handmade wooden matching games from Mama May I are a very sweet stocking stuffer for little learners. Choose from Zoo, Trucks, Vegetables, Space, and more!

5. The Familia Craft Kit – This craft kit has all the tools for your kiddos to decoupage little wooden peg dolls to create their own story or to include in a new adventure! They come in a slim tube that’s easy to fit in a stocking!

6. DIY Domino Set – This homemade domino set is one you and your family can play for years to come. To make this set special for the holidays, use green and red puff paint!

7. DIY Pop-Up Alphabet Sponges – This simple gift is a low-cost way to make baby’s bath time fun and educational! Cut sponges into the shapes of alphabet letters and numbers.

8. DigiPuppets – This adorable animal finger puppet acts as a touchscreen-sensitive stylus for phones and tablets. Use them on their own to keep kids engaged with digital learning tools, or head to the app store to download DigiPuppet’s educational games.

9. Just Add Milk Science & Art Kit – This kit is filled with fun science and art projects you can do along with some at-home ingredients, and it’s just the size of a milk carton! If your child is lactose-intolerant, don’t worry, the experiments work with non-dairy milk as well!

10. DIY Telling Time Clock Pillow – Crafty family members can take a few hours to create this comfortable accessory for kiddos learning to tell time!

11. Clever Catch Math Balls – These inflatable balls make math learning fun with active games you can play with 2 or more people. Just keep it deflated, and this blow-up Clever Catch is ready for the stocking! Choose from: Numbers 0-25, Money, Multiplication, Addition, or Subtraction.

12. DIY Hopscotch Mat – Here’s a fun game you can make yourself, roll up into a Christmas stocking, and then play on Christmas Day and many, MANY days after that!

13. DIY Bongo Rice Shakers – Use some household materials to make shakable, musical instruments for little ones to use while Christmas caroling on Christmas Day!

Looking for more ways to make your Christmas stockings and holiday gifts extra special this year? Head to Educents’ Give the Gift of Education page for more ideas, tips, steals, and deals!

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