This is the simplest birthday cake I have ever made for one of my children, probably my favorite too! Who know that making a cool looking truck birthday cake could be so easy? This is great for your little truck and mud lover.

Truck Birthday Cake

Easy Truck Birthday Cake

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A layered chocolate cake is going to work best or this cake, and it is going to look more like mud when you cut into it. I used chocolate fudge frosting from the store because we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and making frosting is one not one of my strengths.

Next you will cut away a portion of the top layer of cake after you have down all your frosting. The best things about this cake is that it is suppose to look rough and dug up so you don’t have to worry about it being perfect. You could cut into more layers to create a mud slide look too easily enough but I want to be able to sit the trucks on the top.

Now cover the top of your cake in cookie crumbs, I got mine at Bulk Barn, along with so many tasty treats that didn’t go on this cake. A cookie crumble covering the top, give it a good thick layer. Take a milk chocolate bar and break it up into small pieces would be the easy, or as I did, buy pieces of chocolate at Bulk Barn too while you’re there.

Truck Birthday Cake

I bought simple set of plastic tractors and trucks that were the right size for topping a cake. They’re like a bonus birthday toy after they get cleaned up from the cake.

Truck Birthday Cake

While I was really happy with how it turned out, and I had a birthday boy that was beyond excited. I wasn’t expecting him to be so excited, also, look how little he was back then?

Truck birthday Cake

He was so excited, he and Dadda got his candles blown out and then he started sneaking piece of chocolate.

Truck Cake